BARONET GP Investigators share a wealth of experience over 20 years in both industry run clinical trials (Phase II - IV) and academic studies. We have a proven track record in delivering effective and timely recruitment in a wide variety of indications and understand the importance of patient retention in such studies.


All centres boast at least one dedicated Research Nurse/Coordinator. Whilst independent of each other, all centres work to BARONET SOP's for clinical trial related activities. Research Nurses meet quarterly at an update meeting which is designed to offer mutual clinical support but also to update each other on new developments. All GP Investigators have clinical time dedicated to research activities and meet as a group twice a year. BARONET conducts a regular GCP and regulatory update training event which is conducted by an external industry approved trainer, and opened up to other industry researchers in the area.


BARONET centres consider rapid turnaround of feasibility studies a routine part of our process and are able to give informed and realistic recruitment projections based on experience. The Bath Research and Development group based at Bath University manage the research governance approval services for all Baronet sites. This means that all ethics submissions are managed expertly through the same office. Our highly motivated group have a track record of excellent recruitment (examples available on request) with high quality data as an end product. Through our years of experience we are able to be extremely flexible in our approach to the working needs of the industry partners with whom we work and are constantly striving to improve the service we offer. All clinical intervention within our group falls under the rigorous scrutiny of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) All of our electronic equipment is calibrated annually. BARONET have been inspected by both MHRA and FDA.